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Jerri laid on the table, arms and legs splayed out, chest rising and falling as Erica watched from the sidelines. The good doctor, Natasha, was busily tapping things into her pad. Adjusting the size of their patient’s breasts, thickening the nipples so that they could be pinched better between forefingers and thumb. Then she widened the ass. Natasha liked a big ass - and this time, the client had asked for one. When the blonde doctor reached the dick, she gingerly picked it up in her gloved hand. It was thick, big enough to fill her palm, and she hefted it in her hand for a moment so that she could reach beneath. Where the ball sack had  been, there was now a wet and needy slit. Natasha stuck two fingers in, gingerly feeling along the walls, and Jerri let out a low moan as her body was played with. The fingers were withdrawn after just a moment, though, and doctor checked a mark on her tablet before turning to face Erica.

“She’ll be waking up, soon.” The blonde smiled, and Erica shuddered a little. She didn’t like when her girlfriend, her mistress, was like this. When she was in her “creating headspace” as she liked to put it. It gave her flashbacks to her own transformation, back when she’d still been Eric. Back when she’d still been a man, and thought that she could have it all in her old form.

She had everything, now - two dominating girlfriends, who controlled all the money and gave her what she needed to survive. A house to live in, even if it wasn’t hers. A job, though all her money went into her Natasha’s bank account, and it didn’t pay much while they were still setting up the clinic anyway… Erica was whipped, and she honestly loved it. She’d always thought she had to be big and strong if she wanted to get ahead, but as a woman she was small, not even five feet tall, and she was weak and she was skinny and she was taken care of and she loved it. Especially when she was “taken care of” in bed. The things Natasha and Sarah could do with their tongues, and fingers, to her sensitive clit and slit. She’d never have been able to imagine it when she was a man. If Erica was ever really a man - Natasha liked to tease her that no true man would never have given in to the female life the way Erica had.

Still, the redheaded maybe-one-time-man couldn’t imagine what it had taken for Jerri. He’d walked into their little clinic, the day after they put an ad out. He’d been a tall brunette man, standing at six feet tall, with well defined muscles across his arms and legs. He’d been wearing shorts, that showed off hairy, muscled legs. He’d walked right up to Natasha, and blushed like a schoolgirl, before turning his eyes aside and telling the smaller blonde in heels that he was in the wrong body. That she was a woman.

Erica had never seen such a welcoming smile on Natasha’s face, though, as when those words had come out of Jerri’s mouth. The wad of rolled up cash the tall woman brought with her hadn’t hurt, either, but Erica thought that Natasha really did want to help this brunette slip into her true form. They’d gone behind closed doors, and together plotted out what form Jerri would be in. What form Jerri wanted the world to see her in. It was more than Natasha had ever asked Erica, but then - the redhead never would have agreed to letting her “true
self” out.

As for Jerri’s true form - it was still pretty tall, still five foot nine, but most of that had been shifted down to the legs. They were long and smooth and muscled, seemingly fresh shaven but in reality incapable of growing hair. They led up to a sweet pussy, nice and tight, with a thick dick where the clit should have been. Erica found her eyes lingering on the long thing for a moment, with a mixture of appreciation and fear, and maybe a little mild regret for what she’d lost. She’d never been interested in guys, but seeing it on a girl - it had a certain interest for her, if she was being honest. Maybe she just wished that she could have it herself.

Tearing her eyes from the dick and slit, she drew her attention to the flat stomach, graced by six pack she just wanted to rub her cheeks across. Sarah had been trying to build up her strength, of late, but she remained stubbornly skinny fat - thin, but with no real muscles to show for it. Natasha had only smiled when asked if she had something to do with it, and Erica was too frightened of her mistress to press the issue.

The newly female woman, Jerri, completed her amazing package with strong arms, a firm jaw, and high feminine cheekbones, as well as long brown hair that cascaded down the woman’s back, and off the table to almost touch the floor. Her eyes were a soft brown, now, where before they had been the color of hard flint. Those brown eyes were in fact opening, now, staring between Natasha’s ass and Erica’s face. She recognized the hunger in them, but was somehow surprised to see it driven toward her. Surprised, and a little scared.

“N-Natasha?” she stuttered, stepping back a little as Jerri sat up on the table. The blonde doctor turned to face Erica, raising an eyebrow at the interruption to her work, cataloguing the changes she’d made. She turned around when Erica pointed at Jerri, just as the brunette slid off the table with a light “thump.” The blonde only made a small  noise of surprise, though, as the leggy woman stumbled forward and slid arms around her waist, head resting against Natasha’s breasts. Somehow, Erica didn’t think it was entirely for support, and she felt her cheeks flush with a little bit of irrational jealousy. It wasn’t as if she and Natasha were exclusive, or anything, but Jerri had been spending a lot of time with Erica’s mistress.

“You woke up sooner than I expected…” whispered Natasha, gently stroking Jerri’s brown hair, holding the other woman against her chest. The blonde made a soft cooing noise, and Erica stomped her foot impatiently, wondering how long the doctor would hold her creation. “You must be horny… I’d say have your way with me, but I think someone’s getting jealous.” She turned her head, then, to face Erica. A small smile on her lips that somehow sent shivers through the redhead. “So I think you should start with her.”

Jerri’s eyes turned toward Erica, and the redhead shivered a little at the focus. As the brunette stepped away from her blonde doctor, Erica could see the thick, long dick that had been pressing into her mistress’s thighs. She swallowed, hard, and stepped backward until she was pressed against a wall.

“You want to put that… thing… inside me…!?” She was staring at the dick again. It seemed truly monstrous now that it was swinging between the woman’s legs, all but hiding the slit, and slowly revealing its true size as is grew hard and rigid. Erica found herself shaking her head from side to side, red strands flying either way, as she bit her lip.

“It’s. Interesting that that’s where your mind goes…” Natasha murmured, smiling faintly. “She still has fingers a tongue; or you could have used your mouth on her own slit, if you didn’t mind that… thing… poking you in the eye. But no. Your mind goes right to the dick, doesn’t it?” A faint smile touched Natasha’s lips. “Almost as if you wanted it.”

Her smile widened as Jerri took stumbling steps on her new legs, moving closer to Erica. Her eyes were alight with need, her dick was hard as iron, and her lips were being softly licked. “Please,” the woman whispered, her voice deep but soft. “Please. Let me do this…” Hands reached out to take Erica’s shoulders, and squeezed almost tight enough to hurt. She felt like nothing more than a rag doll in that tight grip, and she closed her eyes and slowly bit her lip. She’d experienced so much about being a woman - but she’d never even thought she’d be speared on some other woman’s dick. Slowly, she nodded, opening her eyes a crack to see Jerri’s grin.

One hand stayed at her shoulder, pushing her against the wall. The other trailed slowly down her arm, moving inward to cup her breasts. A mouth lowered itself to her nipple, as her tit was lifted, and sucked a little at the nipple. There was a sound of surprise, and then pleasure, as liquid started to come out and Erica’s eyes closed again as the hungry mouth bit her nipple and pulled upward a little, holding the breast upward as the hand drifted again downward. This time it grazed Erica’s thigh, sliding inward and cupping her pussy.

The hand on her outer folds felt weird, strangely large and rough compared to the hands that normally held her. Not necessarily stronger, but with more actual brute force applied. The big thumb began to slowly slide around her clit, and the fingers gently probed her pussy, waiting until it was wet before the hand pulled away and the mouth released Erica’s nipple. The tall figure of Jerri smiled down at the tiny redhead, and Erica swallowed as the hands gripped her shoulders, again, and lifted her up so that her sex would be even with the taller woman’s. She felt something pressing against her entrance, something large and thick and ready to pop inside of her.

“N-Natasha?” she called out, biting her lip. She thought this would be like a dildo, maybe, or a strap on - but it was warm and alive and thick and it was different. It was also getting ready to spear her, starting to push slowly into her opening. She could see Natasha stepping closer, though, and her heart caught in her throat as the blonde stepped behind Jerri and placed her arms slowly around the brunette’s waist in restraint.

There was a small smile on the doctor’s face, and Erica thought perhaps she’d be getting out of this. The doctor placed her lips against Jerri’s ear, then, and whispered: “Put it in her.”

Erica cried out, then, as her flesh was parted. It was a cry of pleasure, and shock, and maybe a little pain as the rod slid into  her lubed flesh, and the mouth came down to kiss her neck, sucking and biting at the skin. She could hear Natasha’s amused laughter, and watched through half lidded eyes as the blonde took Jerri’s breasts in her hands and began to squeeze the flesh. Every time the brunette thrust into Erica, her breasts would be squeezed and she’d let out a moan.

Erica, for her part, put hands against Jerri’s shoulders. Even she wasn’t sure if she was trying to push or pull, though, and she was too weak to do either. Her vagina was certainly clamping tight enough around the cock inside her, holding on like she wanted to milk it as Jerri pressed into her again and again. He didn’t let up for a minute, a second, pushing deeper into her than anything had ever gone. Spearing her, until finally her cock blew like a volcano, while Natasha slid a finger underneath the thick staff to slide fingers into the brunette’s pussy. She rubbed Jerri off, while the limp cock slowly slid out of Erica’s body, and Erica closed her eyes as the jizz filled her, and pushed her over the edge herself toward orgasm.

She could feel it inside her, a living thing slipping through her body, flooding her channels, and Erica wondered idly as she herself came - could she get pregnant?
Dr. Feels Good - Part Six - New Patient - TG

Part six of the commission for Karmac! I hope you enjoy - and remember, you can join my patreon to gain early access to my stories!


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Megan smiled into her phone, showing off a row of perfect teeth for the camera as she held it high over her head. “This is Megan Lecrose, queen of the Lecrose Harem vlog, your one-stop shop for slavery know how, and lesbian slaves. At special request, I’ve arrived at the home of one Melissa Drumgridge, an eighteen year old - wait for it - dog girl. That’s right! She’s been following the recent craze of body mods, folks, and some would say she’s gone too far.” Megan knocked on the door, smiling for the camera and watching herself in the little screen. She saw in the phone’s picture when the door was opened, and gestured at the woman who answered the door.

Her intended victim was a brunette, with floppy red ears peeking out of her long hair, and a shaggy tail peeking out of her skirt, pushing down the clothing as it wagged back and forth. The rest of her was human, more or less. A little skinnier than a human should be, her waist tucked so tiny you could almost wrap your hands around it. Her breasts were large enough to bury your face in, perky nipples poking through the white tee she’d clearly been sleeping in a few moments before. Her butt was squeezably huge, and Megan leaned down to grip the dog girl’s ass, causing the doggy to let out a surprised little bark.

“H-hey!” Melissa squirmed, her tail wiggling back and forth as her sensitive ass was groped.

“What do you think, viewers? Can she even be said to be human anymore? To have rights? I don’t think so… but it doesn’t matter what I think! All that matters is what my beautiful viewers want, and you all asked me to take in a doggy girl, didn’t you?”

“Take… take in?” One droopy ear lifted, and the dog girl’s tail finally stopped wagging as Melissa’s mouth opened in surprise. Moving with more speed than Megan thought possible, Melissa tried to slam the door. Megan casually pressed her foot into the doorway, jamming it open. The dog girl might have been beautiful, but she was purely decorative, with no real muscles to her name. When Megan put her shoulder against the door, she was able to almost casually force it open.

“That’s right, folks. ‘Take in.’ See, Melissa here has gotten a little obsessed with surgeries! She’s taken out a lot of loans, and gotten a little behind on her payments. She was probably expecting some more money from her trust fund, soon, but today! Today, she’s a day late on her Freedom Card payments, and that makes her fair game. Something tells me, viewers, that she’s never going to be able to make that payment. Which is why you should always make your payments annually, viewers! And pay well in advance.” Megan beamed into her camera, sidling up to her new slave.

Most people would look positively fat next to Melissa’s twig like body. Fat and underdeveloped, thanks to the brunette’s nanite-driven body enhancements. Megan had never gone in for those, but had taken a more natural route for sculpting her features. Where Melissa was skinny, Megan was fit and toned. Her breasts were bare handfuls compared to Melissa’s bountiful assets, but her ass was a sculpted masterpiece, shown off through the jeans she wore. Her thick nipples were on full display beneath the sheer white tee that clung to her six pack abs and her smile was perfectly straight and white for the camera. She had nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, Megan thought the contrast between them would play well with the audience, right down to her blonde hair against Melissa’s brown. She was already imagining the comments she’d be getting on her vlog.

“L-Look,” Melisa stuttered, uselessly trying to pull out of Megan’s vice like grip, “I can pay my card. I’ll pay it right now. O-or. I’ll pay you! Just. Just let me get some money from inside…”

“Awww! Doggy’s first bribe attempt! What do you think, loyal Meganites! Should I let her go? No? I didn’t think so. We’re going to make this bitch of a doggy into a real pussy licker, aren’t we? Yes we are! Yes we are!”

“I…” The poor slave’s eyes had gone wide with fear, the brown of her eyes almost overcome by the wideness of her pupils. Her tail was rigid with shock, no longer giving even a hint of a wag, even when Megan started to rub her behind her floppy ears. “I like boys…” her voice was a faint whisper, a pleading whimper of disbelief. “I have a boyfriend. I’m not… I’m not a lesbian…”

“Don’t worry, puppy,” Megan smiled, leaning forward. “We can fix you! That’s what you do to puppies who don’t know how to leave the boys alone, after all. Now smile for the camera, and say night night.”

“Night night?” her eyes were so wide, so cute. Megan gave Melissa’s ass a squeeze, and slipped her micro needle straight into the slave’s bottom. It was time to put her pet to sleep.


When Melissa woke, it was in a dark and windowless room, made of cold concrete. She couldn’t see the edges of it, the light not bright enough to reach the shadowy corners, but she seemed to be alone. The only outstanding feature she could notice were three drill holes in the concrete floor, set in a sort of inverted triangle pattern.

The room was lit only by a single bare bulb that swung slowly back and forth in front of her. Her eyes followed the light for a moment, back and forth, back and forth.

There was a small laugh, and a figure stepped out from a darkened corner of the room. Red leather clung to the underside of her breasts, the top thinning into thin straps that barely covered her nipples, and connected behind her neck. The leathers did not stretch far beneath the breast bone, leaving her toned stomach exposed, and Melissa got a good look at the tanned flesh. Black leather pants clung to the woman’s sharp hips, and showed off her toned ass as she stepped forward. She had a black phone in her hand, which she held up to the light and smiled into.

“This is Megan, and I’ve got good news, loyal Meganites! Our new pussy- licking puppy has woken up, and it looks like she’s eager for a lesson.” The woman turned the phone around, and Melissa could see her own face lighting up the camera. Pretty, unmarked, the permanent makeup she’d modded her face still and always perfect, despite a night on the floor. She had a frown on her face - and who wouldn’t after being kidnapped? - and there was something around her neck. She timidly reached up to find a smooth metal collar locked in place around her throat. The material was cold to the touch, but she was cold in the basement herself and hadn’t noticed.

“What…” She licked her lips. “What are you going to do to me?”

“Whatever I feel like, of course!” Megan smiled, striding across the floor to gently pat Melissa on the head. The dog girl’s tail wagged despite her best efforts to still it, and she felt a slight thrill of pleasure run down her spine. She growled, trying to keep the parts of her that were still human under her conscious control, trying to shove the pleasure she felt aside.

Megan only laughed. “Looks like your doggy side is having fun, Little Bitch! You don’t mind if I call you that, do you? It’s just such a better name for you than Melissa. Little Bitch describes you sooooo well…”

“N-No…. I mean. Yes. I mean. My name is Melissa.” Her voice was plaintive, a high pitched squeak. Tears were beginning to form in the corner of her eyes, and she knew that she wasn’t speaking human to human, but doggy to mistress. Little Bitch to bitchy woman in charge. Begging just for the right to keep her own name.

Megan shook her head, though, and Little Bitch felt her heart sink and tears begin to flow. “I already drew up the paperwork and filed it. You’re registered under the name Little Bitch now; and you’ll be sold under that name when I get tired of you. If I get tired of you.” Megan smiled then, big and wide and showing off too many teeth. “You might just become a fan favorite, and help me train other girls! Would you like that, Little Bitch? I think you would. I think you would!” She scratched her doggy behind the ear again, and Little Bitch’s tail began to wag as unwanted pleasure shivered down her spine.

The dog’s ear perked up at the sound of a zipper, and she realized idly that the hand that wasn’t petting her had begun to undo the button on Megan’s leather pants, and was slowly sliding the black cloth off. The slaver barely seemed to be wearing any underwear beneath, just a simple g-string whose narrow strip of cloth protected Megan’s folds from the teeth of the zipper.

The trainer pulled her pants down, letting them fall to her ankles, and then started to pull down her panties. Though Little Bitch’s nose was no more sensitive than a human’s, the dog girl imagined she could smell lust itself coming from the wet folds, as the underwear was slowly peeled away from slick flesh. Little Bitch shivered at the scent, real or imagined, and wondered if Megan hadn’t gotten a few body mods herself to make her smell that good.

The blonde slaver stepped back from Little Bitch, her hand finally dropping away from the dog’s head as she did so. It felt like the world came rushing back to Melissa. The coldness of stone beneath her naked flesh, the stillness of the air in this room with no windows, the harshness of the light that swung back and forth. It all bit into her mind, as if she had taken a brief vacation from reality while her ears were being rubbed. She’d asked the doctors to make them pleasurable, but they hadn’t been this sensitive. Until Megan had gotten her hands on them.

The slaver had now stepped out of her pants. Her legs were lightly parted, revealing a tight-looking slit framed by folds of flesh, and toned thighs. There was a faint spread of blonde hairs, as if someone had splattered her with a gold-tipped paintbrush. The hairs were damp and curled, and waiting to be touched. “Kiss my slit,” Megan demanded, and Melissa shivered, scared that her body would just do it. That Megan had some form of control over her that would extend even to her sexual self control.

The dog’s hands didn’t move, her feet didn’t budge, and Melissa’s eyes flickered with defiance. Defiance and hope -  Megan said she only worked with lesbian slaves. If Melissa could prove she wasn’t going to be participating in that sort of lifestyle, she might be let go. “I won’t…” she said, firmly, thrilling in the words. “I’m not a lesbian, and you can’t make me-”

There was a click from inside her collar, cutting her off. A hissing noise sounded, and a sharp prick went into the back of her neck. She whimpered in surprise at the pain, but grit her teeth and tried to continue. All that came from her mouth, though, was a soft whine.

“I think that’s enough talking for you, Little Bitch,” smiled Megan. She was holding a remote in her hand, and she wiggled it in front of her doggy’s cute brown eyes, which wavered with uncertainty as she let out a small


“Isn’t she cute, viewers?” Megan was smiling into her phone again, as Little Bitch clawed at her throat, at the collar which had sunk a nanite-tipped needle into her vocal cords, changing them so that they weren’t capable of speech. “I think we can turn the dial a little further, though. Don’t you? Let’s turn her lust to a five… her hunger to a seven…. And her brain to a four… Is that okay, cutie? Hmmm? Halving your brain power?” she smiled, as Little Bitch started to shake her head. She started to turn the first dial, slowly making Little Bitch hungrier. Then the second switch, as the dog started to push herself up off the floor and onto her feet. She was reaching for the remote when the final switch was turned, the button pressed, and the alterations made. Another click and hiss as three needles were injected into her skin. Halfway to Megan, Little Bitch dropped to all fours.

She whimpered, looking around herself, eyes wide and dumb and unable to process what was going on around her. She knew, knew on a deep and undeniable level that something was wrong - but she couldn’t say what, couldn’t put words to it. She realized, suddenly, that she couldn’t put words to anything. She didn’t know any words. What were words? She whimpered at her mistress, who was still fiddling with the weird boxy thing with all the dials.  She walked forward on hands and knees, knowing that dogs were supposed to walk on all fours, and pushed her head against her mistress’s naked thigh for attention. She didn’t mind that her mistress was naked, though some part of her whispered that it was a bad thing. Dogs didn’t care about things like clothing. She just wanted attention. Attention and food.

Her mistress hummed, placing a hand behind her ear and scratching, causing Little Bitch to shake her tail back and forth. She knew again that something was wrong with this, but this time could not bring herself to care or question it. It was good. She felt good. She liked it when things were good.

Megan was reaching over to a panel on one of the stone walls. There was a wooden cupboard that Little Bitch hadn’t noticed before, which opened up to reveal a jar of peanut butter. Megan unscrewed the red cap, peeled off the white seal, and stuck two fingers into the smooth brown top, gouging a hole inside and pulling out a nice wad of peanut butter. Little Bitch’s tail wagged faster at the sight of this treat, and her eyes widened, and she followed the fingers as they were lowered to her mistress’s wet pussy lips, and smeared across the flesh. “Go on,” said Megan, with a smile. “Go on, Little Bitch. Lick up the treat. I know you’re hungry.”

Melissa licked her lips, and her tongue was heavier than she thought it had been. Bigger. It lolled out of her mouth, sticking out between her teeth as she panted with hunger and need. She stepped closer to her mistress, making her way forward on hands and knees, and licked her lips again - getting slobber on the tip of her nose - before pushing the long tongue directly toward Megan’s buttered up cunt. She tasted the salty, sweet and ever so slightly bitter flavor of peanuts. She licked again, tongue pushing a little deeper as she tried to scoop the treat up in the curve of her tongue, pulling back and drawing a loud moan from her mistress as she did so. Apparently her mistress liked when she ate. This pleased Little Bitch.

She licked the spot again, and again, digging her tongue into the tight channel, enjoying the sensation of slick muscles squeezing around her tongue as she dug up little bits of peanut butter that stuck to the roof of her mouth and her teeth and made her want to swirl her tongue all over. It wasn’t just about the taste of food, though. It was about the sounds her mistress made, like she was another dog and in heat. Like she was happy, being stuffed full of tongue. Little Bitch understood those sounds, and wanted her mistress to make more of them. So she pushed her tongue deep inside of Megan, licking with all her might, as her mistress clutched her breasts through the red top and ran one hand down her thighs to rub slow circles on her clit, and arched her back and cried out in her ecstasy.  “Good… Girl…” Mistress was whispering, and Little Bitch let out a happy bark at being praised, tail wagging back and forth when her ears were scratched. Then, Mistress was lifting her head up to stare at the swinging light above them, smiling at her. “Look at the light,” she was whispering, and Little Bitch whimpered - unable to understand, but knowing her mistress was saying something important. “Look at the light.”

Though she couldn’t understand the words, she was able to follow her Mistress’s gaze, up to the bare and swinging lightbulb. It went back and forth in the dim room, back and forth. She followed it to and fro, tail moving slowly back and forth in time with it. Back and forth.

She heard a click, a hiss, and felt a pinch from her collar.
The light went out.


The light came back on. Little Bitch was sleeping on the floor, curled up like the innocent baby her mind resembled. Megan slowly started to turn the dials back to normal, knowing the memories would linger in the back of Little Bitch’s mind, along with the knowledge of what could be done to her in a moment’s notice. She could be made into nothing but a willing dog, if her mistress willed it. If anyone Megan sold her to willed it. Yet using nanites on the poor dog’s brain wasn’t nearly as fun as breaking her in with threats and bondage.

Megan leaned closer to her sleeping pup, running fingers through the young woman’s brown hair and smiling into her phone’s camera. “What do you think, loyal fans?” She spoke in a whisper, even knowing that her pet wouldn’t awaken. Her dog looked like she was just sleeping, but Megan knew the anesthesia she’d injected Little Bitch with was strong. “Isn’t she a beauty? But we’re not finished with her yet…” She pulled out a small needle, and a lighter. Holding flame across the metal, she began to sterilize her tool, and then leaned down to pinch her dog’s nipple. “It’s very important you use a sterile needle for this, or you’ll face infection! You don’t want to take your pet to an expensive vet over something avoidable! That’s why I recommend always coming to a professional like me when you want a slave trained, too, but following my videos should allow even a novice some chance at training and breaking the perfect pussy licker.” She smiled at the camera, and then pressed the needle quickly through the nipple, biting her tongue a little as she focused on getting this just right. There was a drop of blood spilling out, but Megan hastily wiped at it with cotton, and peroxide, before slipping a thin golden ring through the hole. She repeated the process with the other nipple, and then moved down to the clit. “This part’s a little tricky,” she told her audience. “Even through the anesthesia, i think that Little Bitch might feel it! So if you ever do this to your slave, make sure to keep them nice and still.” She jabbed her needle through the little bundle of nerves, and then slid a silver ring through the spot with the ease of a practiced movement. She’d pierced many a slave’s clit, after all.

The final poke of her needle went through the bridge of her nose, making room for a ring to be attached. It was thick steel, and looked like it belonged on a bull more than a dog. It would serve a purpose later, though, and Megan smiled grimly to herself as the final ring clicked in place.

“Once you’ve properly ringed your pet, it’s time to go about making them look the part better. Everyone knows that dogs can’t walk on two legs, so let’s take care of that little temptation for our pet! I recommend black leather strap arm and leg binders, like these.” She held up the tools of her trade, smiling her most professional smile. Roping up her arms and legs so that she couldn’t stand up, but would forced to crawl - not on hands and knees, but elbows and knees, with her tits hanging free and unbound and her clit exposed to the air.

Not that she would be moving at all for a while. No. “The last step before waking your pet is to attach the chains. Pets can move surprisingly fast, even on their elbows and knees, so you want to take steps to keep them in place and make sure they never bolt for the door!” The last step of her plan was to attach chains to each of the nipple and clit rings. Gold and silver, respectively. The chains were connected to more rings, eye hook screws that Megan threaded into the holes at Little Bitch’s feet. That would keep her from moving, unless she wanted to feel the sting of something pulling at her most sensitive spots.

“And just like that,” she told the camera, “we’re ready to train our doggy!”


Melissa woke in near darkness, naked breasts pressed against cold stone, hips lifted slightly off the ground. She’d been positioned with her thighs beneath her, she realized. Cold and naked, with her nipples stiff and needy, singing out with need so clearly that Melissa wondered if Megan had been playing with her lust levels. She tried to look about, but couldn’t see much. Specifically, she couldn’t see Megan.

The light above was dimmed so that it only lit a small circle in the windowless room. As before, it was swinging softly back and forth, and the dog girl’s eyes followed it nervously. Her head was pounding, her heart was beating too fast, and she felt something off about her body, an odd throbbing sensation in her breasts and pussy, and… nose. She lifted her hand to her face, pushing herself up on her elbow, and realized there was a strange tightness about her arms, and a light tugging at her breasts. She tried to push her arm out in front of her, but it wouldn’t budge. Moving the arm as far from her face as she could, she looked down and gasped to see the binders holding her arm in position.

There was laughter from out in the darkness, and Melissa saw a slender hand enter the lit space, holding a phone. She could see herself in the camera, see the arms and leg bindings that had forced her into this animalistic position - and something else. The gleam of metal rings, piercing her body, and chains tying her to the floor. She couldn’t twist her head around to see them properly, but experimentally lifting her breasts caused a sudden pressure, and sent a surge of new need like an electric line straight to her pussy. She instinctively lifted her hips, and let out a surprised bark of pain when her body was brought up short, falling quickly back to the floor so that her now dripping cunt touched the cold stone. The pain, and the cold, did something to help her clear away the horniness, but she was now aware of a low thrum of pleasure flowing steadily from her pierced nipples.

“Whaf…” she paused. Her tongue felt heavy and thick, difficult to speak around. She remembered last night, thinking that it had grown longer, thicker in her dog like state. That had just been her imagination, hadn’t it? Yet when Melissaq tried to experimentally close her mouth, she found herself biting down on her tongue. “What…” she repeated, speaking more carefully this time, with more fear in her voice. “ What did you do to me?”

“A few minor adjustments, while you were sleeping.” Megan laughed again. “What do you think, viewers? Isn’t she the cutest doggy you ever saw? I think Little Bitch is going to be a real prize… I might even enter her in dog shows.”

“You- You can’t…” Melissa licked her lips. She’d known about slavery since she was little. Her parents even owned one or two of them. She hadn’t always agreed with them on whether it was right, or just, but it had always been a distant and philosophical question. It had never been something that would really affect her. Until now. “You can’t do this to me…” she whispered, but there was no real conviction in her voice. Megan could do whatever she wanted to Little Bitch.

The harem owner stepped into the light, smiling into her phone. “Did you hear that, folks?” she asked. “My pet thinks I can’t do this to her! But don’t worry. I’m going to show you all how to properly break your doggy’s will, and make her into the pussy licking wet dream we all desire.”

Melissa felt a tremor of fear pass through her, but it was muted, pushed back by something more important: hunger. While Megan’s right hand was busy with manipulating her phone, the left hand was holding a hamburger, wrapped in white paper and practically dripping with juices and ketchup. It was the most beautifully disgusting thing that Melissa had ever seen, and she felt her mouth begin to water at the sight of it. She tried to crawl forward on elbows and knees, but whimpered as the chains pulled her taught.

“Oh!” Megan smiled brightly. “What’s this, fans? It seems our doggy has smelled out my afternoon snack. Are you hungry, Little Bitch? I didn’t take you as the sort to eat burgers.”

When was the last time Melissa had eaten? How long had she actually been down here? Her stomach rumbled, demanding the food, and she gave another weak pull against her chains, whimpering when they tugged. She didn’t have the courage to really throw herself, to try and tear herself free, even if she could gain enough momentum when she was bound like this. Even if she did, she’d still be trapped. But she was so hungry… “Please,” she whispered, hating pleading tone in her voice. “Please. I haven’t eaten anything since…”

“Me.” Megan smiled. “That’s right fans, she’s already licked pussy once. Though not of her own volition, exactly…. Tell you what pet. I’ll let you lick this burger, if you lick me. Does that sound good, my loyal Meganites? I think it’s a pretty fair deal!”

Melissa ground her teeth, trying to hold onto the determination she’d felt last night. She knew she had to stay strong, but she was so hungry; and then there that thing with the remote control that her owner had pulled before. The blonde could make Melissa give in. Megan could take away her slave’s ability to think, or make her so hungry she couldn’t stand it. Maybe just increase her libido so much she was writhing on the floor, though Melissa thought that she could hold on if that was done. At least if she said yes, she was doing so as herself, instead of as a mindless dog.

Megan placed her hamburger on the floor, close enough for Melissa to see and smell the pieces of bacon and tomato that adorned that greasy hamburger, but still too far away for the dog to actually reach it. She licked her lips with that too thick tongue as Megan began to strip the only clothes she had on, the red leather halter top. There wasn’t a lot beneath it, Melissa thought to herself with a little bit of vicious vindictiveness. A pair of perky but tiny breasts, barely large enough to fit in Megan’s palms. The girl took her bug bites in her hands, and started to slowly lift and roll the tight flesh in her hands, making little noises.

Her pussy lips, which were already wet with anticipation, dribbled a little liquid to the floor as the mistress stepped forward. The girl sat down on her toned ass, and scooted forward, pushing the greasy burger aside a little. Her fingertips made dents in the golden crust, and Melissa whimpered a little to think how sweet and tender the bread and meat combination would be. She wanted it in her mouth right then, but she had to do this first.

She started to lean forward, but Megan placed her fingertips on Melissa’s lips with a faint smile. “Beg for me, first,” she whispered softly. She had a smile on her face as she spoke, a big grin, and in that moment Melissa truly hatred her mistress. “Without words,” the mistress continued, and then flashed a smile into her phone. “After all, folks! Doggies don’t need words to let us know when they want something badly enough, do they?”

Melissa grit her teeth, but then let out a slow whimpering whine. Her eyes were naturally big and round, but she raised them up in her best impression of a puppy dog look. She only had to act like this, she reminded herself. To get fed. She had to pretend to be Little Bitch for the camera, and for Megan, but her real self was still Melissa. It was only the part of her that was making puppy dog eyes, and it wasn’t even really a part of her, just a pretend part of her. That’s what she told herself as she whimpered, and whined, and pawed at the floor with her elbow.

Megan smiled. “Isn’t that a sweet doggy?” she called into the camera, before finally stepping forward the last few centimeters.

This time, Melissa was fully aware of the pubic hair against her chin and lips. It hadn’t grown or shrunk since the night before, maybe having been trimmed in place, but she could feel the smooth hairs sliding against her skin. She could smell, really smell the lust wafting off of Megan. The need.

Melissa focused on the part of her mind that wasn’t Melissa, that was just Little Bitch. She allowed Little Bitch to be the one to start licking, pushing her long and thick tongue into the blonde’s wet cunt, feeling the tight muscles on her own slick muscle. She had no fingers to push in, but her nose rubbed a little against the clit, nuzzling Megan as she kept up those doggy eyes. She wasn’t sure why she bothered - her mistress was too busy moaning, clutching her breasts and pinching her nipples, closing her eyes and writhing on the floor. One hand was always on the phone, though, holding it up for everyone to see.

So Little Bitch licked Megan again, and again, sometimes pushing her tongue into the cleft entirely, sometimes just darting against the little button to give it a taste, before pushing her nose into the cunt and taking in the scent. She licked, and she licked, until Megan cried out, and a shot of clear liquid cum splashed into Melissa’s face, and shook her out of her Little Bitch mindspace. She cried out in disgust, and Megan let out that loud laugh of hers, again.

“Good doggy,” she whispered, leaning forward to scratch her pet behind the ears. Little Bitch’s tail wagged, while deep down inside Melissa scowled with rage. “You were a good doggy; and good doggies deserve treats.” She stretched languorously, and then reached over to grab the burger. She held it out for Melissa to sniff, but she didn’t even pause for that. She was too afraid that Megan would change her mind, and so bit down on the burger, practically pulling it out of her owner’s hands as the first glorious bite of meat and cheese and bacon crossed her lips and caressed her tongue and slid down her throat.

Megan smiled… and dropped the burger to the floor. “Good girl,” she whispered, getting up. Melissa whimpered, still afraid to speak, staring at the burger on the floor.

When Megan only lifted an eyebrow, Melissa licked her lips and whispered “I thought I was getting the whole burger…”

“You are!” Megan smiled, reaching down to pick a bun up. The bun that hadn’t touched the floor. “Minus this, for speaking like a bad doggy, who doesn’t know how dogs talk! You’re just going to have to eat the rest like the puppy you are.”

Melissa whimpered again, as Megan walked away and into the darkness. She turned back to the food, though, unable to help herself from leaning down on her elbows to take the patty in her hand, and slowly chew. It was slippery with grease, pulling out of her mouth every time she got a mouthful. The bread was easier, crunchy and filling. The onions and tomatoes and pickles all had their own flavor, spread across the floor and smudged with dust, if not outright dirt. She was hungry, though. She ate it all.

She never noticed the camera peeking out of the darkness to film it.


Megan closed the door behind her, feeling her way to the second door, opening it, and closing that too before she dared turn on the light on her phone and felt for the light switch. That let her light the stairway, without giving that Melissa any more light. Out in the main room, she found the tee shirt and jeans she’d discarded for leathers when she walked into the training room, and began to pull her white panties, blue jeans,white lace bra, and red tee shirt on. Just another teenager, putting off college so that she could work for her mother’s slave company.

She walked up the stairs slowly, dreading that she would run into her mother, but the only person she found at the top of the stairs was Josephine. Naked, except for some latex body paint, and holding out a tray with a pink lemonade.

“Thanks.” She smiled at the slave, who stared back at her with a stony expression, knowing that a good slave doesn’t make a sound. At least, according to her mother. Megan always thought that slaves should make lots of sounds, all of them pleasurable and most of them in her bedroom.


Megan spun, shocked and surprised to see her mother coming through the doorway. She was a tall woman, statuesque, with wide hips and a tiny little bottom that she had put a lot of surgical work into maintaining. She had blonde hair down to her ass, and striking blue eyes that Megan hadn’t inherited. Hers, like her father’s, were green.

“How is your little… side project going?” her mother asked, distaste obvious in her voice. “Your attempt to make normal people gay? Starting with that nice girl from your high school… what was her name?”

“Her name is Little Bitch,” Megan muttered. “And she wasn’t nice. She ruined my highschool life when she told everyone I was gay. And she doesn’t even recognize me.”

“Well… whatever.” Her mother smiled. “You know, we used to make business with her father, I think. That’ll be ruined after this - but what am I worried about? You’ll never do anything permanent, working on your own… Though it’s nice to see you put to use all those birthday gifts I gave you.”

Megan grit her teeth in a smile, knowing better than to argue. She already had two followers. Two! And she would get more, as she showed what she could do.

She would show everyone what she could do.
How To Train Your Doggy - Part 1 - MC, Humiliation
Hope everyone enjoys part 1 of this story - part two will be posted in the next month or so, but will go first on my patreon -

This is a very sexual story, so read with caution.
I specifically have a snake girl OC that I want to play with. I usually RP over discord, or some such, though I can do it on DA as well.    

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Rebecca woke up wet. She’d had a dream - she couldn’t entirely remember the details, but she wanted to believe it included Daniell, even though - for some reason - there was a vague memory of Ashley, her ex. Probably just because Ashley had been the one to make that CD… she hoped the CD was working, she’d been able to hear it faintly through the walls while it played, same as Daniel. Rebecca hoped it had influenced his dreams as well as it had hers…

The redhead sighed, wishing she had time to properly pay attention to her own needs, now, but she had no guarantee Daniel would be doing the same - and even if he was, he would probably be quick and crude in his current male body. If she was going to make breakfast before he woke up, and take care of her own needs, that meant she needed to be quick and crude herself. In other words, the shower.

Rebecca had been tired enough to sleep in her morning clothes the night before. So after she turned the shower’s knob to hot, she began to strip free her tight fitting jeans and pull off her favorite red blouse, folding both and putting them on top of the toilet seat. Then she climbed into the shower, pushing aside the curtain, and let the warm water hit her flesh, wiping away the goosebumps left by the morning cold. She shivered a little, despite the heat, adjusting to the change of temperature and then reaching up toward the soap.

First her breasts, soft beneath her hands, sending out tingles of new warmth and pleasure as her own soapy hands glided over the soft fat of her breasts, slippery fingers pinching at her nipple and then sliding down her flatter stomach to roll around her waist, her hips, her thighs. She scrubbed her pussy, a single wet finger squirming its way between the still wet-inside muscles, before reaching up to the detachable shower head and letting the water roam over her flesh. Just play with her body, squirt over her breasts, and pump between her legs to hit the special spot no man would ever find or touch.

Her mind drifted, to the Daniell she wanted - strong muscles lifting her, delicate fingers pumping into her, smooth breasts pressing against her back as she was lifted and fucked in the shower by perfect hands… and how she’d return the favor, with a strap-on directly to that sweet, muscular ass.

Too soon, the shower ended. She knew she needed to leave some hot water for her roommate, so she turned it off and dried herself with a white towel, running the soft material across her back and bottom, her wet hair, and even her needy slit, which at least didn’t call out for quite so much attention, now. She wrapped the damp towel around herself, and put a fresh one over her hair, before moving back to the bedroom to get changed. A new pair of blue jeans, and a green shirt with lace backing. Then she was off to the kitchen.

The chef whistled to herself as she worked on a pair of omelettes. One made of egg whites, the other creamy and filled with extra yolk. Both were filled with veggies, though only hers had any cheese. Daniel’s had a nice sprinkling of pills, dissolved in the egg whites. They’d hopefully keep her roommate compliant, and not asking too many questions about last night.

“Breakfast is ready!” the redhead called.

“Coming!” Rebecca licked her lips as Daniel walked out of the bedroom, back in that tight white shirt and wearing a pair of… sweatpants. They were tight around his bottom, and he had a faint blush on his cheeks. She couldn’t help but notice the way his nipples poked out of the white cloth, too, even though it was a balmy seventy degrees in the house. Enough to keep Rebecca’s own nipples sealed behind her red blouse.

“I um…” he fidgetted. “I’ve been thinking I should go back to just grapefruits for breakfast, actually. I know you’re doing your best with the healthy cooking, but. I can’t seem to fit in my pants this morning…” She eyed the baggy sweatpants, wondering at the swell of hips and bottom that might be hidden beneath them. That was ridiculous, though - but so were those nipples. She wondered, not for the first time, what sort of hormones her ex-roommate had been taking.

“Eat,” she commanded, setting the food down on the table, and giving him a firm look. “I’ll prepare you a grapefruit tomorrow. One more meal won’t make a difference in the meantime.” Except maybe to weaken his defenses.

Daniel looked like he wanted to protest, but he wilted under her glare, taking his plate of egg whites and nervously taking a little bite. He chewed it for a moment, and then - convinced it was a properly flavorless and healthy meal - began to eat more rapidly. It was enough to bring a small smile to Rebecca’s lips, though she quickly slid over to her own plate and began to pay attention to her own food. She ate slowly, not exactly eager to return to work, but knowing that the sooner she got it over with, the sooner she could focus her attentions on playing with her roommate’s mind.


Work was slow but steady business. She’d put all her mind to cooking, without even time to flirt. When it was done, she just hopped in her car and drove straight home. For once, she didn’t call Daniel’s name, assuming he wouldn’t be home. Which resulted in catching him off guard when she entered the living room, and found him with his shirt off - examining two little nubs beneath his widened areola and puffy nipples. His fingers were slowly poking the flesh, and as Rebecca watched he let out a low moan, and shuddered.

“Daniel?” she asked. The man flushed, cheeks bright red, fingers darting away to his legs.

“I… Um…” he was flustered. Rebecca smiled. “I think… I got a couple bug bites on my chest, or something…”

“That’s one word for them…” she agreed, stepping closer. It was all she could do not to reach out and touch the flesh. She wanted to kiss it, stroke it, maybe even bite it. The first signs of femininity on her woman-to-be. “You should get them checked out by a doctor.”

The brunette shook his head, looking embarrassed. “I don’t think we need to show anyone this, over a couple awkward bug bites… I probably just need to change my diet, some. Back to grapefruits, like I said…”

“Of course.” Rebecca smiled. “Now. If you’ll put on a shirt? I feel like those bug bites are staring right at me…” Not that she really minded, of course. She wasn’t sure how she’d made what could have been weeks or months of progress in the course of a few days, but she wasn’t going to complain. She was going to take advantage. “And I thought we could try some hypnosis, again. If you’re less tired today?”

“Hypnosis?” he blinked at her, uncertain, and sat on the couch. Without seeming to think about it, he placed one leg over the other, crossing them as if he were wearing a skirt. “You tried that last night, right? You’re really into that stuff…”

“I just think it’s a great way to relax…” She smiled. “And it’s a fun party trick. And you did promise I can play some games with you…”

“Alright, alright…” Daniel sighed, shaking his head. “Get out your pocket watch or whatever. But I’m warning you - I’m a strong, confident w-um… Man….And I’m not going to give in easily.”

“Sure..” She leaned in closer to him, causing him to lean back into the couch cushions. She placed her hand on his thigh, and reached into her pocket for the old pocket watch she’d used last night. She wasn’t sure if that was strictly necessary, but she wasn’t taking any chances with this attempt at hypnosis.

She swung it slowly back and forth, keeping her eyes locked on his, so that they’d briefly meet every time she swung the watch back, and forth, back and forth. “I’m going to count down…” she whispered, looking at him. “You’re going to get sleepier, and sleepier, every second I count down. Every moment, a little more tired. Your eyes a little heavier. You’re going to want to close your eyes. Go ahead and close your eyes, and just listen…” Ten… Watch the watch… nine… eight… seven… six… five… four… three… two… one…”

His eyes were closed. His breath was even. She took a deep breath herself, and then slowly let it out. She had no idea if this had actually worked, or if he was just humoring her - but if she didn’t try something, she was going to regret it. Of course, if she tried this out and he was just faking, she might lose herself a roommate and go to jail for drugging someone… same if he went to the doctor and figured things out, though. Which meant it was time to take the plunge.

“Daniel?” she asked. “Are you there?” No response. Was he sleeping? Or maybe she should try something else. “Daniell?”

“Yes…” The voice was breath; soft. Lips stretched into a small smile, and Rebecca’s heart began to beat. This was it… “I’m here…”

“Daniell.” She swallowed. “I want you to listen to me. Daniell. When you wake up, you’re going to be Daniel again. For a little while. But I’m working on making you Daniell full time, okay? A strong. Confident. Wman.”

“A strong… confident… woman…” she repeated. “I’m a strong confident woman… and I want to fuck Ashley…”

“What?” Rebecca’s eyes widened a little “How do you know Ashley?”

“The music…” he whispered, back. “The music said I should go back to Ashley.”

“Go back to Ashley....” The chef squeezed her eyes shut, her heart beating faster. She should go back to Ashley. They should both go to Ashley. But no! That was… “What the hell did that crazy woman place in my music…” she whispered, remembering her dream from last night. “That’s… Not important right now. What matters is that you’re a strong, confident woman; and you aren’t bothered by those bug bites on your chest. You won’t go to the doctor, even if they get bigger. Even if your body continues to change. Do you understand?”

“I understand…” Daniell whispered. “I won’t go to the doctor. I don’t care about my  bug bite breasts… they belong on a strong confident woman. Does Ashley like breasts?”

“Forget about Ashley…” Rebecca whispered, voice low. “Just focus on me. Focus on being good for me. Okay?”

Daniel nodded. “I’ll be good… For you… And Ashley…”

Rebecca sighed. She clearly needed to figure things out with Ashley, before she could take things further. Still. She’d hypnotized Daniel into Daniell.

As far as first steps went, it was a pretty good one.
The Roommate - Ch 6 - Gradual TG/Hypnosis
I'm posting this a little earlier than planned, because I want to let you guys know there's a poll going on at my patreon, with a couple days left on it - asking how to end the series. Whether it should include Ashley, or deal with her and then ignore her. It's for my $3 and up patreons right now, but if we can't break the tie I might open it up to all my patreons.

You can join my patreon at if you want early access to my stories. Otherwise, I hope you'll enjoy~

PS: Give yourself a cookie if you saw this coming. A lot of people did, it seems, from the comments <3
I specifically have a snake girl OC that I want to play with. I usually RP over discord, or some such, though I can do it on DA as well.    


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