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I close my eyes. The maze spreads out before me, a mindscape crafted overtime.  The floor is gray stone, polished to a dull gleam. The walls are a pure white and hard to look at. They flicker occasionally with the myriad of emotions that I’ve trapped deeper in the maze, walled up within the dead ends where I don’t have to peer directly at them. So long as I keep to the sharp corners and easy turns of simple emotions, the darker pains and angers will remain hidden. It doesn’t matter that I now want to ferret them out. That’s the nature of the maze I crafted, over the years. The emotion can’t find its way out, and I can never seem to find my way in
With my eyes still closed, though, my options lay out before me. Various pathways, each framed by a stone arch. Some of them bear labels, simple pictures carved  into the curved stone. The Pill path is closed off: I haven’t done the Quest to Renew a Prescription, and without it the toll booth has c
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 6 7
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Be Mine - TG Domination :iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 51 2
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Happy - version 2
Leonard shook the metal canister, fingers slipping a little across the blue and orange tin's lightly chilled surface. Palm tightening to eclipse the white middle, he quickly tipped the can.
His other hand reached into the nearby box, and he cherished the sound of wrinkling wax paper as he brought out his latest cracker – some expensive wheat type his wife had declared worth the twenty plus dollars. Apparently Ritz hadn't been ritzy enough for her.
He took the time to imagine what Jennifer's face would look like, if she knew he was adding Cheese Whiz to them. The red that would grace those pretty cheeks if she found out that he was defiling something so "precious" to her with his "common" taste buds. That classic expression she might wear – eyes narrowing, pupils dialing in, lips thinning, and the corner of her mouths turning down as she struggled not to scream something "undignified."  Leonard's own lips lifted in a smile, his eyes drifting down to the cracker in hi
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 4 3
Leonard tightened his grip about the blue and orange metal, palm all but eclipsing the white middle as his flesh conformed to the tube. Carefully, savoring the moment, he reached his hand up to the top of the can, feeling for the little grooves that marked release.
His other hand reached into the nearby box, and he cherished the sound of wrinkling wax paper as he brought out the first cracker – some expensive wheat brand his wife had sworn was worth the twenty plus dollars. Apparently Ritz hadn't been ritzy enough for her.
He took an extra moment to imagine the look that would appear on Jennifer's face, if she knew he was adding Cheese Whiz to them; the red on her cheeks if she found out that he was defiling something so "precious" with his "common" taste buds… The ways her eyes might narrow, pupils dialing in, lips thinning, the corner of her mouth turning down as she struggled not to scream – it brought a smile to Leonard's lips.
Knowing that she would be so upset made
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 6 2

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The bright light struck Jason from above, pinning arms to his side. The man wriggled about, body comically twisting back and forth, feet kicking while the upper body shook itself back and forth. His body felt as if it had been glued in place, each finger carefully splayed apart and spread across his blue jean clad hips. His eyes wide open, red hair tickling his unmoving nose, and his teeth set into a faint smile – he’d been thinking about a cute blonde in his Intro to Humanities class, when the light hit.

Everything above the waist was caught exactly as it had been when the light struck, frozen in time like a class photo. Even below the waist, he felt sensations beginning to fade. His legs were still swinging back and forth, but rhythmically now. Up and down, up and down on a set tract, swinging his body back and forth like a pendulum. He heard laughter in his ear, and then the wet sound of flesh on flesh, a yelp of pain. Words – angry words he couldn’t understand, some sort of babbling phonetics that didn’t even sound like they’d fit in a human mouth. He understood the tone of anger, though, and the responding apology. His legs stopped swinging. They froze in place like the rest of him, and he continued his ascent above the trees, toward the silver disk above his head.

Jason’s eyes closed – no, were forced closed, eyelids shoved down against his will. He wasn’t able to see the ship he was dragged into. He could only hear it when the floor closed beneath his feet, metal clanging shut. He tried to move his fingertips, his lips, his eyelids. Everything was glued perfectly in place, even his toes glued to the floor and perfectly spaced apart. Only his chest moved, breath coming and going as his heart beat blood through his frozen body.

Something wet touched the red head’s body. Suction cups sealed themselves on thighs, as the moist limb began to curl around one leg, pulling it straight up into the air. His other thigh was slowly spread out, pulled painfully to its limit. The jeans split, his cock spilling out into the air, dangling freely. A smaller tendril wrapped around it, though, tiny little suction cups plastering themselves to his cold balls, pushing them inward toward the abdomen. The cold, dripping tip of those tentacles pushed against the head of his cock, making him want to squirm from sensitivity when the meat of his sausage was slowly pushed into the skin, the tip of that limb actually entering inside him. He could still feel his penis, though. Compressed, screaming out, but there inside him. Growing warmer as the tentacles began to massage, and tug the skin.

Another tentacle slid around Jason’s waist. It tightened, slowly, drawing his waist inward and lifting him casually into the air. He heard the sound of two bickering voices, and then he was placed softly down, this time on his back. One leg was still pointing straight into the air, the other pulled to his side. He listened to the “rrrrrip” of his jeans being torn in half, shoes and socks being plucked from his feet so that the torn denim could be tugged away.

His shirt was removed next. Just a plain white tee, but without it his ass and back were both being pressed into a cold metal table. Utterly exposed, with no protection from the tentacles attaching themselves to his nipples. They started to tug at his chest, tiny pastie like suckers clasping themselves to his nipples and pulling. A hiss of air slid from between poor Jason’s teeth, tongue unable to form a scream. Slowly, though, the pain disappeared; the pressure was relieved, flesh tenting out and filled by fat.

There was a sound of burbling laughter in his ear, and two more tentacles began to slowly massage against his hips, pinching the skin at his hips. They squeezed, the tendrils seeming to push past skin to sink into bone itself, and tug again, stretching his hips. Another slapped against his rear end, the suckers connecting just long enough for a brief pull, and then popping free. Another slap, each leaving him wet with their fluid. Was their fluid what was changing him? Some sort of technology aboard their ship? He only knew that it was changing him, expanding his hips and ass, pushing in his dick and pulling breasts from his flat chest. Painfully reshaping him.

They gripped his mouth, squeezing his cheeks so that his lips would pull into a soft “O” - perfect for a tentacle to slowly slither its way inside. It was slippery and wet, but tasted surprisingly sweet. Like peaches and wine, though it smelled vaguely like fish. It pushed itself inside of him, bulging out his neck neck. It pulled from inside, dragging in his adam’s apple. It began to pump into his belly, filling him with warmth as he involuntarily started to suck on the thing inside his mouth. It pushed into his belly, peach wine filling him with warmth.

The pain left his body. He felt his chest swell wider, his hips push out another few centimeters. He couldn’t move his bottom, but he still felt it lifted up as his naked rear was lifted by its new cushiony flesh. He wanted to squirm on it, push against it, maybe wrap his hands around his tiny waist or his growing breasts – his limbs were tingling, now. He could only imagine the hair was falling off of them. His hands were probably shrinking, his muscles disappearing. His thighs were growing fatter, though, he could feel that much – they had to be strong, to support his hips and ass. To support… whatever his captors might do to him…

His captors whispered something in his ear. He understood: Good girl. Good girl…. That was him. Her? The good girl. The girl with the burning between her thighs, as her cock finally melded with her flesh. Nothing but a cute little button, on her perfect vagina.


She was a good girl… being pumped by her good masters. Their tentacles pushing into her new hole, shoving inside., Stretching…. Making her scream.

Eventually, though, she would be released. Dropped down in another beam of light, her body frozen – her belly swollen with what sweet liquid. Ready to begin her new life!
Alien Abduction - Tentacle TG
Alien abduction TG! There's going to be more of it, but it's not really safe for DW - so the rest will only be posted on my patreon -

I hope everyone enjoys!
I've been out of this so long - who could do a good icon commission, once I save up some money/points? Or a trade? Anyone know? I could use a good princess Icon probably.... Since  I went and transformed myself and my avatar into a girl.
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I've been out of this so long - who could do a good icon commission, once I save up some money/points? Or a trade? Anyone know? I could use a good princess Icon probably.... Since  I went and transformed myself and my avatar into a girl.
  • Reading: Stuff by Kerina
  • Watching: fullmetal alchemist
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: soda


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under777 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
I'm pretty sure I'm trans myself and just wanted to ask how you knew it was being actually trans and not just fetish. Sorry if this is too personal.
Princess-Kay Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Oof. That's a tough one - not too personal, just.

A friend told me that if you think you're trans, you're probably not cis.... but since we're talking about the transformation fetish in particular, I think you need to examine WHY you like it.

There are cis people who like it, but it... tends to be different. Like. For cis men, it tends to be about subjugation and humiliation - one man proving himself over another, and taking control of the "lesser" male (there's exceptions, but that's basically what it boils down to if I remember my pscyh. ^^; ) For others, like me.... it's about wish fulfillment. I've spent my entire life writing about turning into a girl, and (prior to cominbg out) I couldn't really understand anyone NOT enjoying the transformation, or just 'getting used to it" because it was something I wanted for myself so much.

You don't have to have felt it all your life, or anything - and ultimately, only you can say whether you're trans or not (I don't want to gatekeep) but the only advice I can really give is look into the roots of what started this fetish for you.
under777 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thank you for the reply. I feel I am where you were at. I always thought it would be enjoyable and just something I would get use to and be ok with. I don't know when it started I had always thought about turning into a girl and now it's weirdly sexualized especially when forced. I have wondered if maybe that was my way of coping and making it so it wasn't me who was wanting it while still granting wish fulfillment but even now that I've come to accept myself somewhat more it still hasn't gone away. It's weird that this and only occasionally thinking about being with a guy as a girl has been my only fantasies. Sorry this was nsfw and way too much tmi then anyone needs. I'm just trying to figure some things out and I thank you for talking with me, this stuff I can't talk about with anyone irl
Princess-Kay Featured By Owner 5 days ago
You're fine!

In my *personal* experience, the fantasies of being forced into transitioning faded once I started making it reality on my own... But everyone's different! And I still have a TG fetish.
(1 Reply)
Inclassificabilis Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
Happy birthday!  Hope you're OK... been a while...
On2XSecretProbation Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Birthday! Hope things are going alright.
a1993 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
Happy Birthday!
Destiny3000 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist Writer

Hope you have a great day!
alditoquerido Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
Can you make a Story out of this picture?…
posidengameing Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
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